Hey, kids! You can now watch the June 9, 2024 performance of Catacombs & Comedians at The Lab At Zanies in its entirety. Some of you may know that we have performed a number of shows in the main room at Zanies Comedy Club in Nashville, TN. But now we’ve moved next door to Zanies’ all-new more intimate room, and with an all new cast of stand-up comedians playing Dungeons & Dragons. From right to left we have our new Dungeon Master, Calvin Eggleston (Indianapolis), Brandi Augustus (Knoxville), Tyson Cox (Indianapolis), Elliott White (Huntsville), and former Dungeon Master, not a stand-up comedian, Dan Taylor (Nashville).

Just look at that nifty LED board behind us up on the stage. (I think it’s LED, maybe not.) We get to show off nifty new graphics like the portraits of the player characters. And, while we’re talking about the new The Lab At Zanies, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the tacos. They are the bomb! Come for the off-color D&D humor and enjoy the new menu from the new kitchen.

By the way… We’ll be back at The Lab At Zanies on August 25, 2024. So if you missed our last Catacombs & Comedians show, or you want to find out what happens to our group of intrepid adventurers after the last show, get your tickets now!

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