Catacombs & Comedians presented its first ever convention show at the tenth gathering of the Gamehole Convention, and we had a blast. Not only was it the first time for Catacombs & Comedians, it was the first time that I (Dan) attended the con and I’m already counting down the days until next year.

On Friday night in Mendota Room 2 we took to the Lynnvander Studios stage thanks to the generosity of Tommy Gofton (Legacy of Mana), who was also one of the players for the evening. The other three were Matt Forbeck (Marvel Multiverse Role-Playing Game), Steve Conley (Intoximancy), and Anthony Joyce-Rivera (Baldur’s Gate: The Fall of Elturel)—-all creators within the tabletop roleplaying game community. The group of four intrepid adventurers managed to defeat Clownbolds (clown kobolds), Skull Pits, Fowlboars, Funguys (mushroom people) to successfully put an end to Flagon the Dragon’s Fungeon. The game was as unconventional and hilarious as a Dungeon & Dragons session could get. And, many of those in attendance in the audience walked away with giveaways.

Tommy Gofton, Matt Forbeck, Dan Taylor (with Flagon the Dragon puppet), Steve Conley, Anthony Joyce-Rivera

Speaking as Dungeon Master, it’s nerve-racking enough to DM an actual-play D&D session on stage in front of a live audience, it’s a whole different level when Chris Perkins, Dungeons & Dragons Senior Story Designer with Wizards of the Coast and Dungeon Master extraordinaire is watching from the front row. In a way it was also thrilling and comforting. So thank you, Chris, for coming to the show.

Dan Taylor & Chris Perkins

Plans are already underway to bring Catacombs & Comedians (presents Catacombs & Creators) back to Gamehole Con next year, and every year thereafter for as long as they’ll have us. See you next October.