July marks Catacombs & Comedians one year anniversary at Stand Up Live in Huntsville, AL. No one is more surprised by this than your humble Dungeon Master Dan. When I first set out to produce this wacky show of stand-up comedians playing Dungeons & Dragons at Zanies in Nashville I considered myself lucky to be given the shot for one show. When the show spread to Stand Up Live in July of ’23 I considered myself even luckier. Now that we’re celebrating our one year anniversary with a show July 23rd at Stand Up Live I consider myself extremely lucky. Like way more than the feat described in the Player’s Handbook.

So, thank you to everyone in who has come to and continues to come see Catacombs & Comedians at Stand Up Live. And thank you to the comedians that have rolled initiative and made every game session on stage an amazing adventure — Tom Hand, Rayna Cahill, Elliott White, Brent Reed, and Canaan Whichard.

Get your tickets for Catacombs & Comedians at Stand Up Live in Huntsville on July 23rd here.