STAND UP LIVE 05/26/23

We’ve got a treat for your ears — the audio recording of the Catacombs & Comedians show at Stand Up Live comedy club in Huntsville on May 26, 2023. We do try to get recordings of all our shows in order to share with those that aren’t there to experience the laughs and chaos in person, but we don’t always manage to get them posted. But, we pulled it off this time and it’s a banger (as the kids say).

Elliott White as Wildstar, Rayna Cahill as Vivian Upchuck, Tom Hand as Barthalomew Bendolent Badmitton, and Canaan Whichard as Ottari set out on their wildest adventure to date — to stop Flagon the Dragon from establishing his Fungeon. Listen to it below on Spotify, or wherever you get your podcast fix.