There is a saying that a rolling d20 gathers no moss. Or something like that. And with that being said, it’s time to get rolling.

The live shows at comedy clubs and theaters are currently on a holiday season hiatus. Plans are being tinkered with to launch an actual-play stream program. And shows have begun to pop up at tabletop roleplaying game conventions. So… Let’s talk about podcasts.

There is a Catacombs & Comedians podcast that features audio from select live performances at comedy clubs. But that’s not enough. It’s high time for a dedicated podcast for Catacombs & Comedians. Not just audio from live shows or streaming programs but an ongoing actual-play podcast featuring stand-up comedians playing Dungeons & Dragons.

So, we’re looking for four stand-up comedians who would like to be part of an ongoing Catacombs & Comedians flavored Dungeons & Dragons campaign to be featured as a podcast that we’re going to call the Catacombs & Comedians PodVentureCast. If any current stand-up comedians are reading this and are interested in being a part of this podcast, here’s what you need to know…

  1. We’re looking for comedians who do actual stage time in comedy clubs, including open mics.
  2. Knowledge of how to play Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition is required. It doesn’t need to be expert knowledge, but an understanding of the basic rules will make the podcast better for everyone.
  3. A decent computer with a quality microphone and a stable internet connection.
  4. A schedule that permits to be able to commit to a weekly (or biweekly) somewhat fluid timetable to record episodes on a regular basis. Recording sessions will be approximately two hours and scheduled at a time that works for all participating.
  5. The tone of the game will follow along the lines of the Catacombs & Comedians tagline, “Making a joke of the ‘World’s Greatest Roleplaying Game.'” Which means that it’s not going to be a serious D&D campaign.

If you’re a stand-up comedian who wants to play a comedic Dungeons & Dragons ongoing campaign on a podcast, send an email to [email protected], and we’ll talk.